That’s Not a Six-Pack – It’s Portable Art

Art Crawl with Chris Maya at Anaheim Brewery
Saturday, August 8, 2015   6 pm

Limited edition printed, signed by Chris Maya

Limited edition printed, signed by Chris Maya

Join artist Chris Maya in the Beer Garden this Saturday, August 8th, at 6 p.m., for Anaheim Art Crawl.  He’ll be showing some eye-popping pieces, including original art he created for Anaheim Brewery.  Here’s a  peek at some of his work:

Ever wondered about the talent who created the iconic art on our labels? Chris Maya is a friend and neighbor, but also an incredibly talented artist. He works in different media, like sculpture and oil paint, but we’re especially drawn to his woodcuts.

Back in 2008, we got up the nerve to ask Chris if he would design labels for our four year-round beers. We told him the names: Gold, Red, Hefeweizen, and 1888, and the general ideas behind each beer.

6 six packs

Six pack carriers designed by Kevin Kidney, featuring the art of Chris Maya. Portable art!

When Chris showed us his pictures, we were blown away. They perfectly capture the sense of heritage we were looking for. The images stand alone, but there’s a layer of meaning behind each one. You don’t need to know that the woman on the Anaheim 1888 label is Helena Modjeska. With her upswept hair, formal gown and opera-length gloves, she could be a any lady from the 1800s. But knowing that she’s Madame Modjeska, the renowned Polish actress who lived in Anaheim during that era, adds depth to the image.

Art is all around us, not just hanging in a museum gallery.  It adorns everyday objects like Anaheim Beer bottles.  Drop in on Saturday and take some art home with you.


Barbara & Greg

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