Anaheim 1888® Takes Home Gold

CCBC_LOGO_GOLDAnaheim Brewery’s flagship beer, Anaheim 1888®, won a Gold medal at the first ever California Craft Brewers Cup (CCBC).

The competition is a partnership with the Brewers Guilds of California and the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA) to recognize the best craft beers in the state of California. The competition had a total of 1,266 entries from 194 independent craft breweries.  Winning beers were determined by a panel of more than 80 expert judges.

Anaheim Brewery took home a Gold in the Historical Beer Category for its Anaheim 1888®, a lager based on the style of beer brewed at the original Anaheim Brewery in the late 1800s. Copper-colored, pleasantly hoppy, with a distinct caramel finish, Anaheim 1888® is the flagship brand for Anaheim Brewery.


A perfectly poured glass of Anaheim 1888.

“The California Craft Brewers Cup was created to showcase California craft brewers’ immense talent and innovation,” said California Craft Brewers Cup Competition Director, Mike Moore. “The awarded beers are truly of the highest caliber and showcase the talent and dedication of the breweries that made them.”

“Anaheim 1888® is my go-to beer” said Barbara Gerovac, co-owner and brewer.  “It’s the taste of home when I’ve been away.”

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Anaheim Brewery’s Annual Sausage Fest

SF FB largeSausage Fest
Saturday, August 3rd
6 – 10 pm


Don’t be on the left outside looking in – get here early so you can sit and drink. Remember, no alcohol allowed outside the Beer Garden fence.

Everyone’s a wiener at Sausage Fest – Anaheim Brewery’s annual rockabilly celebration of bratwurst, chorizo, and kielbasa!


Our favorite Amber Foxx & her rockabilly band will be throwing down tunes all night.  Be on the lookout for special drop-in musical guests.

The Viking Truck has an astonishing sausage line up for us.  From the half pound Hungarian sausage “Broadsword” to the “Dirty Bird” chicken apple sausage, there’s something for everyone.  Try their tasty “Dragon Eggs”:  tater tots with dark ale chili, cheddar cheese, sour cream, sriracha and Viking ketchup.

There’s no cover, so the Beer Garden fills up fast. Get here early and grab a table.  Everyone’s a wiener at Sausage Fest!

Sausage Fest T-shirts

Designed by our friend and neighbor, Jody Daily, Sausage Fest t-shirts feature the jaunty pair we call Dapper Dog and Mr. Stein.

The women’s shirt feature a v-neck and are available in sizes Small to Large (junior fit).  The mens’ version is crew neck, in sizes Large to 3XL.

Sausage Fest shirts are $20 each, no matter the size.

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Kevin Kidney and the Oktoberfest Stein


Kevin Kidney Oktoberfest Design

We were thrilled when our friend and neighbor Kevin Kidney (of the Kevin and Jody Show design team) agreed to design our 2018 Oktoberfest poster and t-shirt.

First Came the Poster

For the poster, Kevin grouped three steins, added a pretzel, and placed the blue diamonds of the Bavarian flag in the background.  We love the fanciful handles on the black steins, and we were thrilled to see our Anaheim Brewery stoneware stein front and center.

stein posterWait Till You See the T-shirt Variation

We thought the poster design was beautiful.  But the t-shirt?  Genius.

Another clever friend, Trevor Kelly, suggested the idea of the toasting steins.  Lids thrown back, the steins are burping a cheerful “Prost!”

Canvas 3415 Triblend V-Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Shirts and Steins

Monica and Amanda rockin’ their Oktoberfest t-shirts.

These shirts are made of super-soft royal blue triblend.  This fabric has a wonderful drape and feels delicious next to the skin.  Both men’s and women’s styles feature v-neck opening and the women’s are oversized for a stylish slouchy look.

T-shirts are $25 each.  The steins are made in Germany of salt-glazed stoneware.  They are $40 each for the ones with pewter lids.  A plain stein is $20.


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Chill Out With Paint aka Lushes and Brushes

If it weren’t for painting, I wouldn’t live; I couldn’t bear the extra strain of things.

Winston Churchill


Look how relaxed these painters are!


Take a load off your mind and relax with a brush in one hand and a cold, refreshing Anaheim Beer in the other.  The incredibly talented Stephen will guide you through, step by step.

Hold a Brush.

You’ll master a variety of painting techniques during the two hour class.  You will learn brush handling skills, pick up different brush strokes, experiment with color mixing, and even try new ways to add paint to the canvas.


Stephen explains a technique for daubing paint with a sponge.

The benefits of this creative work are many.  Painting can be a way to access part of your brain that may not be used during your normal work day.  Painting can foster emotional health, creative growth and be a stress reliever.

More than anything, though, painting is FUN!

Drink a Beer.

Stephen will be leading two Lushes & Brushes classes per month in our Beer Garden.  They will be on the first and last Thursday of the month, from 6 to 8 pm.  The class costs $45 and includes:

  • All supplies needed to create a unique painting
  • Two hour class
  • A pint of fresh, delicious Anaheim Beer (or a soft drink if you prefer)

Fun, beer, and you go home with a masterpiece!

There’s a class this Thursday, August 2nd, and the next after that is Thursday, August 30th.

Reserve your seat by pre-paying Anaheim Brewery.


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Brother Yusef Live in the Beer Garden

5568339Saturday, June 16
7 – 10 pm

Bring your pops out for an evening of Brother Yusef’s Organic, Deep-Fried Fattback Blues this Saturday night.

The foot-tappin’ tunes start at 7 and goes till 10 pm.

No cover charge, all ages are welcome.
No reservations either, just grab a table and be ready to make room for new friends.

And buy your Dad a couple of beers.

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Lovely Useful Things

A Growler Like a Greek Amphora


Anaheim Brewery Growler circa 2018

We’ve long admired the idea behind “reduce, re-use, recycle.”  It feels good to bring a water bottle to work, to use a cloth napkin, brew coffee to drink out of a stoneware mug.  We choose to surround ourselves with things the are both useful, Earth-friendly, and pleasing to the eye.

Amphora 150-300 BCE

Amphora circa 300 BCE

Which brings us to growlers.  Once merely a metal pail filled with lager at the local saloon (see  Why a “Growler?”), today’s growlers are lovely useful things.

A crowler or can of beer gets drunk and the can is hopefully recycled.  That’s it, the can is gone from your life, but a growler when it’s empty has pride of place on the shelf.

The ancient Greeks and Romans called their growlers amphorae.  They used amphorae to store and to transport wine throughout the Mediterranean .  Like ancient amphora, the Anaheim Brewery growler has a wide neck and curved shoulders that slope into a base.   A lovely useful thing to transport your beer throughout Orange County and beyond.

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2018 Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day: Unite Belgian Tripel

20180308 Orange county PBS

The badass women of beer from the Orange County Pink Boots Society with the director of the Orange County Family Justice Center Foundation.

On International Women’s Day, the newly-formed Pink Boots Society of Orange County gathered at Anaheim Brewery to collaborate on this year’s batch of Unite Belgian Tripel.

pink-boots-brew-dayLast summer members of Pink Boots Society met in Denver with Yakima Chief-Hopunion at the 2017 Great American Beer Festival to create a hop blend all members would use for their Pink Boots Collaboration Brew.  The blend is fruity, with subtle tropical, citrus and herbal notes. The blend features Simcoe®,  Loral®, Citra®, Palisade® and the ever-popular Mosaic®.


20180308 Jacque Fields, Tracey Theodore and Mary Ann Duck grind coriander

Jacque, Tracey, and Mary Jane prepare the coriander while Emily talks to reporter Sarah.

Women representing breweries, beer bars, and beer enthusiasts from as far away as Temecula joined Barbara in the brewhouse on March 8th.  Each person brought at least one ounce of coriander to add to the kettle.  When lightly crushed and steeped in the wort, this spice gives off a floral and citrus-laden aroma.  When the coriander aroma merges with the Pink Boots hop blend, the citrus becomes even more pronounced.  The women joked that the brewery smelled like Fruity Pebbles®!

We’ve created a Unite Brew since it’s inception in 2014 as International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day or IWCBD.  It’s now called Pink Boots Collaboration Brew.  This beer is unique in that every participating brewery donates a portion of the proceeds to the national Pink Boots Society.  Anaheim Brewery also donates a portion to our local Orange County Family Justice Center, which provides victim assistance and empowerment programs to survivors of family violence (click here to learn more about OCFJCF).

Unite Label croppedUnite Belgian Tripel is usually available only on draft. This year, we commissioned graphic artist Trevor Kelly to create a label that would celebrate the women who work in the beer industry and reference the 1920’s style of the Packard Building where Anaheim Brewery currently resides (more in this post: The Packard Building).  The result is this striking Art Deco inspired design.

Unite Belgian Tripel will be released on Friday, April 6th.  Join us in the Beer Garden and raise a glass to the women who made it possible.

Barbara & Greg

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Dark Scotch Ale Has Its Own Pint Glass. You Can Have One, Too.

The Artist and the Label

Dark Scotch Ale Label

We are so fortunate to live and work in  downtown, also know as the Anaheim Mother Colony.  When we decided to revive the Anaheim Brewery, we asked the artist Chris Maya, our friend and neighbor, to create the paintings for our original beer labels.  Chris Maya is a self-taught artist whose artwork reflects the Spanish Colonial styles and regions of the Southwestern United States.

Dark Scotch Ale Pint Glass

The Dark Scotch Ale label is a favorite.  The Craftsman cottage on the label pays homage to the architecture of our Anaheim Colony neighborhood, with a wooden siding and a stone chimney.  A single leaf of the overhanging tree branch has changed to deep orange, signaling the coming cool season.

The Beer

With rain in the forecast this week, what better time to release this year’s Dark Scotch Ale, and a pint glass to enjoy it in.

Dark Scotch Ale is a traditional top-fermented beer.   Roasted barley provides the rich, dark color, while generous levels of unfermentable sugars give it a full body and deep, malty flavor.

The pint glasses are five dollars each.  Grab a glass and share a beer with your neighbor.

Barbara & Greg


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Gifts for the Beer Lover

. . . when you don’t know their size:

Tap Handles

Tap Handles are 50 each. We’ve seen them used as gear shifters, too.

Stein lid down

Steins from Germany are 19 and 39 each. The pewter lid is perfect for engraving.


2017 openers - Copy

Bottle openers make excellent stocking stuffers.

Army Style Hats

The green hat is printed in faded gold – reminds us of the old M*A*S*H tv show.  The black hat is embroidered in pale white.

When you do know their size:

Have a beer

Have A Beer Sweatshirts come in unisex chocolate brown hoodies, sized Small to 3XXX. Ladies wide neck pullover comes in sizes Medium to XL. Normally 35, both are specially priced at 29 each.

camp shirts

Swanky two-toned camp shirts for men come in sizes Medium to 2XL. These shirts run large; most men take one size smaller than usual. They are 39 each.


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Anaheim Oktoberfest

Stein pyramidIt’s our favorite time of year when we celebrate with music, food, and plenty of fresh Anaheim Oktoberfest Lager!

Back in the 1990’s, an apprentice at Paulaner Brewery in Munich found an old leather notebook in a room full of empty, ancient barrels.  The notebook contained a recipe for Oktoberfest beer, which he copied into his journal.  That apprentice became Greg’s first brewery boss.  Together, they updated the recipe and brewed it in Virginia in the early 2000s’.

We still use that 100-year-old recipe for our Anaheim Oktoberfest Lager.   It’s a malty Märzen, with lovely caramel and toffee notes, weighing in at a healthy 6.5 % abv.

A beer with a traditional background like ours deserves an authentic German stein.  Our salt glazed stoneware steins are hand-made in Germany.   The stoneware body is hand molded and the handle is also applied by hand.

Stein bottom

“Handarbeit” means Hand Worked or Hand Made.

“Salt glaze pottery is stoneware with a glaze of glossy, translucent, and slightly orange-peel-like texture which is formed by throwing common salt into the kiln during the higher temperature part of the firing process.  Sodium from the salt reacts with silica from the clay body to form a glassy coating of sodium silicate.

The craft and tradition of salt glaze stoneware goes back to the 15th century, when artisans of  the Westerwald region of Germany perfected the craft and developed their signature style of stamped medallions and cobalt blue decorations.” (source: Wikipedia)

The steins are $20 each.  Want one with a pewter lid? We’ll have more by mid-October.

Celebrate Oktoberfest at Anaheim Brewery Saturday, October 7th and 14th, 5 – 10 pm.  Plenty of German music, dancing, beer, and delicious food from the Viking Food Truck!



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