Chill Out With Paint aka Lushes and Brushes

If it weren’t for painting, I wouldn’t live; I couldn’t bear the extra strain of things.

Winston Churchill


Look how relaxed these painters are!


Take a load off your mind and relax with a brush in one hand and a cold, refreshing Anaheim Beer in the other.  The incredibly talented Stephen will guide you through, step by step.

Hold a Brush.

You’ll master a variety of painting techniques during the two hour class.  You will learn brush handling skills, pick up different brush strokes, experiment with color mixing, and even try new ways to add paint to the canvas.


Stephen explains a technique for daubing paint with a sponge.

The benefits of this creative work are many.  Painting can be a way to access part of your brain that may not be used during your normal work day.  Painting can foster emotional health, creative growth and be a stress reliever.

More than anything, though, painting is FUN!

Drink a Beer.

Stephen will be leading two Lushes & Brushes classes per month in our Beer Garden.  They will be on the first and last Thursday of the month, from 6 to 8 pm.  The class costs $45 and includes:

  • All supplies needed to create a unique painting
  • Two hour class
  • A pint of fresh, delicious Anaheim Beer (or a soft drink if you prefer)

Fun, beer, and you go home with a masterpiece!

There’s a class this Thursday, August 2nd, and the next after that is Thursday, August 30th.

Reserve your seat by pre-paying Anaheim Brewery.


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1 Response to Chill Out With Paint aka Lushes and Brushes

  1. kandee beas says:

    Yes, we were very relaxed!

    Kandee & Art Beas


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