Anaheim Dark Scotch Ale is Back and Darker Than Ever!

Tapping on Thursday, January 16th.  Come in and drink with the label artist, our friend, Chris Maya!

Awa’ wi black brandy, red rum and blue whisky
An’ bring me the liquor brown as a nutt;
O! Alloa Ale ye can make a chiel frisky,
Brisk, faewming a’ fresh frae the bottle or butt.
An awa’ wi your wines – they are dull as moss water,
Wi’ blude colour’d blushes, or purple, or pale;
Guid folks gif ye wish to get fairer and fatter,
They aye weet your seasans w’ Alloa Ale!

The good Scotsman John Imlah wrote that in 1827, as an advertisement for the ale brewed in the tiny rural town of Alloa in the Central Lowlands of Scotland.

We won’t be tempted to write a poem for you, but we are very excited to announce the return of Anaheim Dark Scotch Ale, on draft in the Tasting Room and available for the first time in 12-ounce bottles.

Bit o’ History

Traditionally, Scotch ales were named according to the pre-tax price of a British barrel (about 43.2 US gallons). The stronger the brew, the higher the price, from 60-shilling “Two-penny” ale, to the big 160-shilling Wee Heavy (called a “Wee Dump” in Scotland). With its strength (original gravity, to brewers) between 10 and 13.75 degrees Plato, Anaheim Dark Scotch Ale would have been an 80-shilling, or “Export” ale.

Like traditional Scottish breweries, which relied on the cooler weather of Scotland to slow down the fermentation process, we keep our fermentation temperatures low and remove the yeast early, leaving more residual sugar to enhance the full body and sweet malty flavor.

Our Beer and Label

Anaheim Dark Scotch Ale is a traditional top-fermented beer. Roasted barley provides the rich, dark color, while generous levels of unfermentable sugars give it a full body and deep, malty flavor.

Our 12-ounce bottles features label art by local artist Chris Maya. (Chris is also behind the artwork on our Anaheim Gold, Red, Hefeweizen and 1888 labels.) The design features a Craftsman cottage like many of the beautiful homes in the brewery’s neighborhood. We think it has a distinctively “cabin-in-the woods” feel, and reminds us that Anaheim Dark Scotch Ale is a perfect beverage for enjoying in the cool of an evening.

Join Us

This Thursday evening, regardless of temperature, we’ll tap the Dark Scotch Ale in the Tasting Room. Chris May will be on hand from 5:30 to 6:30, and we’ll be hanging out, too.

Greg & Barbara

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