We Struck Gold in 1888

Chris Maya's original artwork for Anaheim 1888's bottles.

Chris Maya’s original artwork for Anaheim 1888’s bottles.

Anaheim Brewery’s flagship beer, Anaheim 1888, just won a Gold Medal at the 2013 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition.  The competition is part of the LA County Fair, which runs from August 30th to September 29th this year.

“We had 647 entries so the competition was definitely tough this year,” according to Jill Roman, Attractions & Competitions Supervisor for the Fair. The competition, instituted in 2000, awards gold, silver and bronze medals in 84 categories.

LAIBeer_Gold_medalonlyAnaheim 1888 earned its gold medal in the American-Style Amber Lager category.  Anaheim 1888 is a copper-colored lager, full-flavored and hopped with generous amounts of Centennial hops.  “It’s based on the style of beer that the original Anaheim Brewery produced in the late 1800’s,” says brewer and owner Barbara Gerovac.  Anaheim Brewery’s “Dark Scotch Ale” also won an Honorable Mention in the Scotch Ale category.

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3 Responses to We Struck Gold in 1888

  1. Erika71 says:

    Congratulations!!! (Any chance the OC Fair would create something like this?)

  2. This is old news to us in the colony. We always new this beer was a winner.

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