Photos From Grand Opening

Here’s the highlights.


We got a big surprise first thing when Art and Kandee arrived.  They look like they walked out of one of the photographs that decorate the Tasting Room.

Ryan Giron set up a green screen in the warehouse area.  Here you see our staff posing with people from the original Anaheim Brewery.  The black + white guy in the middle is Anton Hessel.  He, his wife Eva, his brother, and two others bought the brewery in 1904.  They renamed it Union Brewing Co, but continued to make “Famous Anaheim Beer.”

Mayor Tom Tait made a speech.


We made a speech.


Mayor Tait tapped a keg with the help of Senator Lou Correa.  Bipartisan beer tapping!



We toasted the revival of Anaheim Brewery.

NB: Council Member Gail Eastman is not a zombie.   She had just come from a CERT training where she portrayed an accident victim.



The Tasting Room full of happy people.




Our amazing friend Norma made this amazing cake.



The past has presence at Anaheim Brewery, and he’s drinking Anaheim Gold.


The future was also present . . .

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1 Response to Photos From Grand Opening

  1. Orah says:

    Hey, looks like it was a great opening! All the time, elbow grease and attention to details have paid off. Congratulations on seeing your dream come true. See you next time we’re in town. Orah

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