The Artist Chris Maya

Chris Maya, our good friend and neighbor (he’s a good neighbor, too), is designing our beer labels. 

We met Chris not long after we moved to Anaheim, probably at a neighborhood potluck.  We knew him as an interesting person and lively conversationalist before we learned about his art.  Then we saw his woodcuts and were blown away.   His “Coast Vineyard” hangs proudly in our living room.

Rezos por los Muertos, copyright 2007 Chris Maya

From his website,, we learned that”Chris Maya is a self taught artist whose artwork reflects the Spanish Colonial styles and regions of the Southwestern United States. From the shoreline of California to the adobe missions of New Mexico, the lifestyle, landscape, and culture of the great southwest are reflected in his Paintings, Woodcut prints, and Devotional woodcarvings known as Santos.”

When we started talking about labels for Anheim Brewery, we wanted to use a local artist, so naturally we thought of Chris Maya.   We are eternally grateful that he agreed.  In an early discussion about the labels, Chris observed, “When it comes to spirits I think people are attracted to stability and structure and heritage. We’re trying to pull in the long history of beer in Anaheim (heritage) and offer that legacy in a contemporary and fresh way.”

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2 Responses to The Artist Chris Maya

  1. Kevin Kidney says:

    You guys are so smart in everything you are doing. with this. Chris’s woodcuts are absolutely beautiful and the style is a perfect match for the upscale vintage coolness that is the Anaheim Brewery. I can not wait!!

  2. Thanks, Kevin! We are finalizing labels and Chris’ designs are amazing.
    We’re so fortunate to live among artists.

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