Cool New Things

20151029_091315_001[1]Lots of exciting things coming up at Anaheim Brewery.  

1. Cask Beer Every Other Friday.

This Friday, October 30th, we’ll be tapping a cask of Anaheim Gold that we dry-hopped with Centennial hops.  Centennial hops are known for their citrusy aroma, which contrasts beautifully with the Gold’s honey-like finish.

There’s about 40 servings, so try to get here early.

2.  Winter Wheat Release Thursday, Nov 5th.

Our dark wheat beer (dunkelweizen) is back for the holiday season.  The same yeast that creates a fruity taste in our Hefeweizen makes a spicy note of clove for our Winter Wheat.

3.  Wednesday Night Pub Quiz 

GWDGeeks Who Drink pub quiz starts Wednesday, November 11th, at 7 p.m.  Free to play, grab some friends and win internet glory.  For details check out:

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That’s Not a Six-Pack – It’s Portable Art

Art Crawl with Chris Maya at Anaheim Brewery
Saturday, August 8, 2015   6 pm

Limited edition printed, signed by Chris Maya

Limited edition printed, signed by Chris Maya

Join artist Chris Maya in the Beer Garden this Saturday, August 8th, at 6 p.m., for Anaheim Art Crawl.  He’ll be showing some eye-popping pieces, including original art he created for Anaheim Brewery.  Here’s a  peek at some of his work:

Ever wondered about the talent who created the iconic art on our labels? Chris Maya is a friend and neighbor, but also an incredibly talented artist. He works in different media, like sculpture and oil paint, but we’re especially drawn to his woodcuts.

Back in 2008, we got up the nerve to ask Chris if he would design labels for our four year-round beers. We told him the names: Gold, Red, Hefeweizen, and 1888, and the general ideas behind each beer.

6 six packs

Six pack carriers designed by Kevin Kidney, featuring the art of Chris Maya. Portable art!

When Chris showed us his pictures, we were blown away. They perfectly capture the sense of heritage we were looking for. The images stand alone, but there’s a layer of meaning behind each one. You don’t need to know that the woman on the Anaheim 1888 label is Helena Modjeska. With her upswept hair, formal gown and opera-length gloves, she could be a any lady from the 1800s. But knowing that she’s Madame Modjeska, the renowned Polish actress who lived in Anaheim during that era, adds depth to the image.

Art is all around us, not just hanging in a museum gallery.  It adorns everyday objects like Anaheim Beer bottles.  Drop in on Saturday and take some art home with you.


Barbara & Greg

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Anaheim Brewery Enters the Bronze Age

la fairAnaheim Brewery scored two Bronze medals in the 2015 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition.

SO090812 - Anaheim Proof Our flagship brand, Anaheim 1888, won the Bronze Medal in the American-Style Amber Lager category. This is the style of beer made at the original Anaheim Brewery. Its warm caramel notes, balanced with Centennial and Cascade hops, make it a popular choice in the Tasting Room.
PrintOur latest seasonal release, Anaheim Dark Scotch Ale, scored the Bronze Medal in the Scottish-Style Ale category. We brew Dark Scotch Ale with plenty of roasted barley for a rich, dark color, a full body and a delicious malty flavor.

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The Beer Brewed ‘Round the World

Unite RedSecond Annual International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day

Last month women gathered at over 80 breweries in 11 countries to brew a collaboration beer called Unite Red Ale (

Sophie de Ronde, Brewing Technician for Muntons Malt, in Stowmarket, England, set the general parameters:  brew a red ale, 4.6% alcohol by volume, using Willamette as the aroma hop.

The Brew Crew from left to right:  Alisha, Janze, Barbara, Emily, and EJ

The Brew Crew from left to right: Alisha, Janze, Barbara, Emily, and EJ

Here at Anaheim Brewery, we looked at the specs and realized “That’s Anaheim Red!”

We quickly pulled together a team of women who love beer. Our brew crew included owner Barbara Gerovac, tasting room managers Alisha Hill and Janze Fonseca, Emily Finch of the Iron Press, and sales rep EJ Heck.

ocfjc Our version of Unite Red Ale goes on tap April 8th. Sales of brew from this special batch are tracked and a portion of the proceeds donated to two charities. The first is the Pink Boots Society, a professional organization for women in the beer business. The other one is the Orange County Family Justice Center (OCFJC), which provides prevention resources for victims of family violence.

Anaheim Brewery’s Unite Red Ale is malty, with a noticeable caramel character and subtle roastiness.

pbsSophie De Ronde founded International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day in 2014 to raise awareness of women in the brewing industry while raising funds for a local charity and for the Pink Boots Society. To make the day even more meaningful, she scheduled it on International Women’s Day.

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Anaheim Bock Beer Returns

Bock_beer_advertising,_1882After a three-year hiatus, it’s time for a Bockbier again!

Our latest seasonal offering is Anaheim Bockbier, a classic golden colored Maibock, just about 8% abv. This lager is full-bodied, but finishes clean, with a slight floral note. Despite its strength, Anaheim Bockbier is smooth and drinkable.

Bock beers originate in the northern German town of Einbeck. As far back as the middle ages, Einbeck was famous for its excellent strong lager. By the 1300’s, the city was exporting its beer to countries from Britain to Russia.

centenial-bock-beer-693747By the 1500’s, the Bavarian city of Munich was importing so much beer from Einbeck that they hired a brewmaster from Einbeck to produce their own version of the strong lager. When Bavarians say “Einbeck” it comes out more like “ein bock.” In German, “Ein Bock” means “a male goat.” That’s why most Bock beer labels feature a ram.

Greg likes to tell this story about the goat and bock beer:

bock beer pcAfter Munich started to produce its own Bockbier, a brewmaster from Einbeck came to town. He claimed that his original, northern brew was stronger. The Bavarian brewer disagreed, and the two decided to settle the question with a drinking contest, you know, like you do. Each brewmaster would drink the other’s beer until one could no longer stand. The contest went on for several hours, and drew quite a crowd in the courtyard. Someone left a gate open, and a goat (a Bock) ran in and knocked the Einbeck brewmaster off his feet, making the Bavarian the winner. “No fair,” cried the northern man, “a Bock knocked me down!”
“Yes,” replied the Bavarian, “and I brewed it!”

Enjoy Anaheim Bock, and as always, drink responsibly. But if you see any goats in the Beer Garden . . .

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Winter Wheat

Anaheim Gazette, May 6. 1909


This bottle is is a private collection. We have an unused label on display.

‘Tis the season for Anaheim Winter Wheat. This unfiltered beer is a darker version of Anaheim Hefeweizen.  It’s smooth and rich, with a spicy clove-like aroma and a toasty caramel finish.

Our Winter Wheat label is a reproduction of a label that John Cassou, owner of the Peerless Saloon, pasted on bottles of Anaheim Beer around 1914.

You can see the original label in our display case.

The Peerless Saloon, circa 1903.

The Peerless Saloon, circa 1903.

The Peerless Saloon was at 106 N. Los Angeles Street (what we know as Anaheim Boulevard).  That put it on the same block as today’s City Hall.

According to the Anaheim Gazette, the  Peerless sold fine wines, liquors, and cigars, and noted in advertisements that they served “Anaheim Beer on draft.”

Rose Cassou and Leonard Hessel on their wedding day in 1912.

Rose Cassou and Leonard Hessel on their wedding day in 1912.

Back row Left to Right:  Joseph Hessel, Mr. Hiltscher, Anton Hessel, Mr. Hiltscher, Mr. Hiltscher. Seated Left to Right:  Mr. Bennerscheidt, Leonard Hessel, Frank Hogle, unidentified.

Back row Left to Right: Joseph Hessel, Mr. Hiltscher, Anton Hessel, Mr. Hiltscher, Mr. Hiltscher.
Seated Left to Right: Mr. Bennerscheidt, Leonard Hessel, Frank Hogle, unidentified.

In one of those Six Degrees of Anaheim Brewery coincidences, John Cassou’s daughter, Rose, married Leonard Hessel, one of the family who were the last pre-Prohibition makers of Anaheim Beer.

Here’s pictures of the happy couple on their wedding day, and the happy Hessel brothers in their beer garden.

When the Hessels (Anton, his wife, Eva, his brother Leonard, and two others) took over Anaheim Brewery in 1904, they renamed it Union Brewing Company.  They continued making Anaheim Beer until Prohibition.

All black and white images used with permission of Anaheim Public Library.

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Cafecito Organico & Anaheim Brewery Brew Up a Coffee Stout

20141028_091258Anaheim Coffee Stout is now on tap.

Our collaboration with Cafecito Organico from the Anaheim Packing House is an intensely dark and intensely flavored beer.

Greg pours the Kianjiru Coffee into the clean tank.

Greg pours the Kianjiru Coffee into the clean tank.

Cafecito Organico made ten gallons of cold-brewed coffee using Kianjiru coffee from Kenya.  The beans are grown on the Baragwi Farmer’s Co-op in Kirinyaga, Kenya.

The Kianjiru coffee provides hints of dark chocolate at the first sip, and the coffee flavor rolls through to the finish.

Anaheim Coffee Stout paired beautifully with desserts, and also with grilled meats.

We’d love to share a glass with you.

Greg & Barbara

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