Anaheim 1888® Takes Home Gold

CCBC_LOGO_GOLDAnaheim Brewery’s flagship beer, Anaheim 1888®, won a Gold medal at the first ever California Craft Brewers Cup (CCBC).

The competition is a partnership with the Brewers Guilds of California and the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA) to recognize the best craft beers in the state of California. The competition had a total of 1,266 entries from 194 independent craft breweries.  Winning beers were determined by a panel of more than 80 expert judges.

Anaheim Brewery took home a Gold in the Historical Beer Category for its Anaheim 1888®, a lager based on the style of beer brewed at the original Anaheim Brewery in the late 1800s. Copper-colored, pleasantly hoppy, with a distinct caramel finish, Anaheim 1888® is the flagship brand for Anaheim Brewery.


A perfectly poured glass of Anaheim 1888.

“The California Craft Brewers Cup was created to showcase California craft brewers’ immense talent and innovation,” said California Craft Brewers Cup Competition Director, Mike Moore. “The awarded beers are truly of the highest caliber and showcase the talent and dedication of the breweries that made them.”

“Anaheim 1888® is my go-to beer” said Barbara Gerovac, co-owner and brewer.  “It’s the taste of home when I’ve been away.”

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