Lovely Useful Things

A Growler Like a Greek Amphora


Anaheim Brewery Growler circa 2018

We’ve long admired the idea behind “reduce, re-use, recycle.”  It feels good to bring a water bottle to work, to use a cloth napkin, brew coffee to drink out of a stoneware mug.  We choose to surround ourselves with things the are both useful, Earth-friendly, and pleasing to the eye.

Amphora 150-300 BCE

Amphora circa 300 BCE

Which brings us to growlers.  Once merely a metal pail filled with lager at the local saloon (see  Why a “Growler?”), today’s growlers are lovely useful things.

A crowler or can of beer gets drunk and the can is hopefully recycled.  That’s it, the can is gone from your life, but a growler when it’s empty has pride of place on the shelf.

The ancient Greeks and Romans called their growlers amphorae.  They used amphorae to store and to transport wine throughout the Mediterranean .  Like ancient amphora, the Anaheim Brewery growler has a wide neck and curved shoulders that slope into a base.   A lovely useful thing to transport your beer throughout Orange County and beyond.

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