Dark Scotch Ale Has Its Own Pint Glass. You Can Have One, Too.

The Artist and the Label

Dark Scotch Ale Label

We are so fortunate to live and work in  downtown, also know as the Anaheim Mother Colony.  When we decided to revive the Anaheim Brewery, we asked the artist Chris Maya, our friend and neighbor, to create the paintings for our original beer labels.  Chris Maya is a self-taught artist whose artwork reflects the Spanish Colonial styles and regions of the Southwestern United States.

Dark Scotch Ale Pint Glass

The Dark Scotch Ale label is a favorite.  The Craftsman cottage on the label pays homage to the architecture of our Anaheim Colony neighborhood, with a wooden siding and a stone chimney.  A single leaf of the overhanging tree branch has changed to deep orange, signaling the coming cool season.

The Beer

With rain in the forecast this week, what better time to release this year’s Dark Scotch Ale, and a pint glass to enjoy it in.

Dark Scotch Ale is a traditional top-fermented beer.   Roasted barley provides the rich, dark color, while generous levels of unfermentable sugars give it a full body and deep, malty flavor.

The pint glasses are five dollars each.  Grab a glass and share a beer with your neighbor.

Barbara & Greg


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