It’s Time for Another Sausage Fest

2014sausagefestposter smaller

Swing by on Saturday, July 12th. The grills will be fired up and the dogs will be smokin’ from 4 to 10 pm.

1800195_10202655850773435_2055749430_nYour feet will be tapping along to Brother Yusef’s Organic FattBack Blues. Fattback Blues combines traditional finger picking and slide guitar playing with the contemporary feel of urban blues to create a full band sound with one guitar. Brother Yusef’s exuberant playing is so infectious you’ll want to quit your job to become his roadie.

K&A-logowheatandsonsCenter Street’s K&A Café is rounding up a passel of delectable sausages for the fest. They asked Wheat and Sons Butchers from the Anaheim Packing House to come up with something special, so Ashley and Nate created an insanely delicious Chicken Chorizo just for the occasion. Kathy & Art will have the grill fired up with chorizo, bratwurst, and their amazing Portuguese sausage kabobs.

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