Founder’s Day: It’s Two for One Party Time

Anaheim Brewery’s Anniversary and Friedrich Conrad’s Birthday Smash-Up

May 17th, 4 – 10 pm

Founders Day 2014Anaheim Brewery’s first 50 years ran from 1870 up to 1920, when National Prohibition closed the taps.  I’m proud to say that while other cities voted themselves dry years before the Volstead Act, Anaheim stayed wet until the last possible day.

After a 90-year hangover, we finally got around to re-opening the brewery and beer garden about a mile away from the old one.  We’ve been in our new spot for 3 years now.

If 53 total years in business wasn’t reason enough to party, it’s also Fred Conrad’s birthday.

Kolschlabel(lowres) (4)Friedrich Conrad ran Anaheim Brewery from the mid-1870s till 1904.   He was born in Bavaria in 1849 and came to California as a teenager.  We like him so much we put his picture on our Anaheim Hefeweizen and every spring we brew him up a special batch of “Conrad’s Kölsch.”

Let’s raise a glass to 53 more years of Famous Anaheim Beer and party like we’re 165!

1800195_10202655850773435_2055749430_nSlurp some beer, scarf down some Santa Maria style tri-tip BBQ, and swing to Brother Yusef’s Organic Fattback Blues!

Barbara & Greg

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