How was YOUR Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest, for us, is an event that always leaves us with at least one unforgettable moment.  Maybe it’s the combination of good friends and good beer, but each Oktoberfest gives us one of those stories that will get retold over and over.  Like our friend Keith says, “You can’t make this shit up.”

In 1986, in Munich, it was the two German guys who we sat next to in the Hofbrau tent who (after many 1-liter beers) helped us find our bus home, even though all we could tell them was “it’s next to the ‘Drei Looper’ roller coaster.” [Drei Looper means Three Loops. It was amazing; you could see the Alps from the middle loop.]Image


Unforgetable Moment of 2011

Last year, it was the Mariachi Kid from the Orange County Mariachi Academy and RYTHMO, who, after their performance, jumped up on stage and joined the German band, sharing sheet music with one of the band members.


So what was it this year?

It may have been Mitch Caldwell’s expert tapping of the ceremonial keg.  Normally, we’d reserve the honor of tapping the keg for the mayor, but he was out of town this year.  So we auctioned off the privilege, with the proceeds going to Childrens’ Hospital of Orange County’s Childrens’ Oncology Department.  Mitch’s generosity earned him the rights to tap the keg, and he clearly knows his way around a hammer.

Or maybe it was this…

Early in the afternoon, soon after the band started playing, we noticed the drummer and another band member trying to repair the strap on the bass drum pedal.  If you were here this year or last year, and heard the excellent German American Brass band of Southern California, you’d know how important the bass drum pedal is.  The drummer told us what she needed was a drill, so we offered to take the pedal into the brewery and try and fix it.

As we made our way through the Tasting Room, we found our brother-in-law, Gerry.  He’s a musician, and he’s also the family Rocket Mechanic – his day job is building things that fly into space.  So we asked him to join us in the back.  After looking over the pedal and the strap, Gerry said, “What we need is a piece of leather.”

The Brewmaster Sacrifices His Lederhosen

Earlier in the day, we were discussing the proper way to wear lederhosen, and decided that the suspender straps on Greg’s were a little bit too long.  So Barbara took out a pair of serious scissors, and cut a few inches of the leather suspender strap.  It was a perfect match for the drum pedal strap, with a little decorative stitching thrown in.  A few minutes of drilling holes and bolting it into place, and we had a working bass drum pedal to present to the drummer!


What will it be in 2013?

The German American Brass band of Southern California did a wunderbar job, and has already agreed to play at our 2013 Oktoberfest.  Mark your calendar for the second Saturday in October!

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