Growlers Are In

300 Growlers Await Filling

Photo Ryan Giron

Anaheim Brewery Growlers are back in stock.  Growlers are the freshest way to get beer to go.

Our growlers are made in Germany so they hold 2 liters.  That’s 0.53 gallons or about five glasses of delicious Anaheim Beer.

Your growler costs $20; the first fill is $5 ($7 for Tavern Ale).  Take home and enjoy, then rinse the empty growler and bring it back for a refill (refills are $15/$17).  Repeat. Repeat again and again.

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2 Responses to Growlers Are In

  1. Nayla says:

    hello!! My boyfriends 22nd birthday is coming up in September and I was wondering if yall ship empty Anaheim growlers across the east cost? We’re doing this hobby of where we collect empty growlers from each state and I was hoping to see if yall would sell me a growler as a gift to my boyfriend. If you can please contact me soon!

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