Smiling in Anaheim

Our amazing friends, Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily (, have a charming old postcard of two gentlemen drinking beer. 

Kevin turned it into an ad for us:

 Check out their blog at

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4 Responses to Smiling in Anaheim

  1. taclinard says:

    I love the style, is that a font or hand written?

  2. Kevin Kidney says:

    The lettering is handwritten. The artwork is from an antique postcard which was postmarked on August 1, 1908. Unfortunately there isn’t any artist credit or publisher noted on the card. The illustration of the two friends laughing with each other over a couple of beers is priceless!

  3. KIM says:

    Everything on you page is very interesting, but maybe I missed the most important part. When will your opening day be?

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