Hi Neighbor!

Yesterday, the Downtown Anaheim Association threw a party to celebrate the planned renovation of the Packard Building and the Packing House.

There was a live band playing bluegrass, tours through the Packing House (upstairs and down in the basement), ice cream, hamburgers, face painting, a bounce house, orange juice squeezed especially for you, and most especially, there was beer.

Of course, Anaheim Brewery isn’t open yet, so the organizers bought beer from the place Greg currently brews (he’ll keep brewing there through the end of the year).

We had a blast talking with people from all over Anaheim.  We chatted with old friends from the Mother Colony, and new friends from Colony Park. We met people who lived around the corner and down the street and compared who would have the shortest walk to the brewery.

We spotted several of the Anaheim Brewery website models re-creating their poses, and signing autographs.

We met the newly elected mayor, Tom Tait, and saw several of the city council members, old and new, meeting and greeting.  The outgoing mayor, Curt Pringle, gave a stirring speech.

The guys from the Lab (and the Camp in Costa Mesa) were there enjoying the chilly afternoon.  They’ll be the operators of the Packing House.  Folks from Brookfield Homes were on hand, as well.  They are going to oversee the renovation.   

Thanks to the Downtown Anaheim Association – they throw a great party!

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1 Response to Hi Neighbor!

  1. Kevin Kidney says:

    Aaargh, how in the world did I miss this? Sounds wonderful, and I’m so happy things are progressing along nicely. I’m ready to celebrate!

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