Anaheim Brewery’s 2014 Oktoberfest: Double Dates



Greg admires Mayor Tom Tait’s tapping technique in 2011.

One Saturday isn’t long enough to celebrate Oktoberfest, so we’ve added a second date! This year’s festival will be held on October 11th and October 18th, from 4 – 10 pm.

Mitch Caldwell takes a swing at tapping the 2012 keg.

Mitch Caldwell takes a swing at tapping the 2012 keg.

On the 11th, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez will open the festivities by ceremoniously tapping a cask of Anaheim Oktoberfest Lager.  In Munich, this work is traditionally the Mayor’s job, so in past years we’ve had the Mayor of Anaheim, Tom Tait, perform this service.  One year we even auctioned off the privilege to benefit CHOC (the Children’s Hospital of Orange County).

Be sure to limber up for the Chicken Dance, because our favorite oompah band, the German-American Brass Band of Southern California, will play all night.  K&A’s grill will be slinging brats with potato salad and sauerkraut.  Ryan and Stephanie’s Bavarian Pretzels will remind you just how deliciously tasty carbs can be.alpenhorn cropped2


It’s heel-slappin’ fun.

For the 18th, we’ll kick thing off with a blast from the Alpenhorn. That’s the signal for Die Gemütlichen Schuhplattler perform traditional German dances, with live music from by Almrausch Tanzlmusi.

There’s plenty to eat from the Bavarian Pretzel People, plus Wheat and Sons Butchers will be grilling up bratwurst made especially for Anaheim Brewery – perfect with a cold glass of Anaheim Oktoberfest Lager.

Both nights feature a return of the Fine Stein Contest.  Bring your best stein and compete for prizes. Or just enjoy drinking your beer from a stein.

Prost! from your hosts, Greg and Barbara Gerovac

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It’s Time for Another Sausage Fest

2014sausagefestposter smaller

Swing by on Saturday, July 12th. The grills will be fired up and the dogs will be smokin’ from 4 to 10 pm.

1800195_10202655850773435_2055749430_nYour feet will be tapping along to Brother Yusef’s Organic FattBack Blues. Fattback Blues combines traditional finger picking and slide guitar playing with the contemporary feel of urban blues to create a full band sound with one guitar. Brother Yusef’s exuberant playing is so infectious you’ll want to quit your job to become his roadie.

K&A-logowheatandsonsCenter Street’s K&A Café is rounding up a passel of delectable sausages for the fest. They asked Wheat and Sons Butchers from the Anaheim Packing House to come up with something special, so Ashley and Nate created an insanely delicious Chicken Chorizo just for the occasion. Kathy & Art will have the grill fired up with chorizo, bratwurst, and their amazing Portuguese sausage kabobs.

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Anaheim 1888 Finds the Silver Lining

CA craft beer compAnaheim 1888, our flagship beer, won a Silver Medal at the 2014 California State Fair Commercial Craft Brewing Competition.  This competition is limited to beers brewed in the State of California.

Greg Gerovac, one of the brewers and owners, says “We are thrilled that our flagship beer placed so high among such outstanding competition.” Over 850 entries were submitted in 30 categories.

A perfectly poured glass of Anaheim 1888.

A perfectly poured glass of Anaheim 1888.

Anaheim 1888 earned the Silver Medal in the Amber Hybrids category. Anaheim 1888 is a copper-colored lager, full-flavored and hopped with generous amounts of Centennial hops. “It is based on the style of beer that the original Anaheim Brewery produced in the late 1800’s, and is brewed exclusively with Muntons Malt from England,” says the other brewer and owner, Barbara Gerovac.

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Last 2 Chances for Dark Scotch Ale

Celebrate American Craft Beer Week
5 Beers, 4 Courses, 50 Bucks!

Join Brewmasters Greg and Barbara tonight at 6:30 at the Anaheim White House for Beer Dinner!

It’s too hot to make dinner – Make reservations instead: 714-772-1381

Aperitif: Conrad’s Kolsch

Appetizer: Paired with tasting of Anaheim 1888
Ravioli Porcini:  Italian cheese filled ravioli with a Porcini mushroom sauce

Salad: Paired with tasting of Anaheim Hefeweizen
Chefs Greens:  Seasonal greens, rice paper, Dijon mustard vinaigrette

Entrée: Paired with tasting of Anaheim Red
Hanger Steak
Peppered Hanger steak, herbed Chianti infusion, seasonal vegetables, garlic mashed potato puree

Dessert: Paired with tasting of Anaheim Dark Scotch Ale
Tarte Tatin:  Fresh sliced caramelized apples and baked puffed pastry sheets with caramel sauce

$50.00 per person, plus tax and gratuity

20140113_114152Founder’s Day Starts With Dark Scotch Ale

We saved a keg for the party on Saturday, May 17th.  We’ll tap it at 4 pm.  Yes, kittens, you can even  fill your growler.

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Founder’s Day: It’s Two for One Party Time

Anaheim Brewery’s Anniversary and Friedrich Conrad’s Birthday Smash-Up

May 17th, 4 – 10 pm

Founders Day 2014Anaheim Brewery’s first 50 years ran from 1870 up to 1920, when National Prohibition closed the taps.  I’m proud to say that while other cities voted themselves dry years before the Volstead Act, Anaheim stayed wet until the last possible day.

After a 90-year hangover, we finally got around to re-opening the brewery and beer garden about a mile away from the old one.  We’ve been in our new spot for 3 years now.

If 53 total years in business wasn’t reason enough to party, it’s also Fred Conrad’s birthday.

Kolschlabel(lowres) (4)Friedrich Conrad ran Anaheim Brewery from the mid-1870s till 1904.   He was born in Bavaria in 1849 and came to California as a teenager.  We like him so much we put his picture on our Anaheim Hefeweizen and every spring we brew him up a special batch of “Conrad’s Kölsch.”

Let’s raise a glass to 53 more years of Famous Anaheim Beer and party like we’re 165!

1800195_10202655850773435_2055749430_nSlurp some beer, scarf down some Santa Maria style tri-tip BBQ, and swing to Brother Yusef’s Organic Fattback Blues!

Barbara & Greg

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Unite Pale Ale Tapping Wednesday, April 2nd

Unite Pale Ale Tap Handle DesignLadies and gentlemen, it’s time to tap Unite Pale Ale, the result of International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day!

You can feel good about each pint of Unite Pale Ale, since a portion of the proceeds will go to support the Pink Boots Society, a professional organization for women in the beer business, and to the Orange County Family Justice Center.   The Family Justice Center does amazing work for our community.  Read more on their website:

International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day was the brainstorm of Sophie de Ronde of Brentwood Brewing Company, Essex, UK.   She came up with the basic recipe for the beer, and encouraged breweries to donate the proceeds to both Pink Boots and to a local charity.

Caitlyn, Carolyn, and Barbara proudly pose with a mash paddle.

Caitlyn, Carolyn, and Barbara proudly pose with a mash paddle.

The beer we all brewed is called Unite Pale Ale, and it was formulated such that every brewer could to put her creative personality into her version.  Here’s the recipe:

Unite Pale Ale Collaboration Brew Recipe
4% pale session beer
EBC: 10
IBU: 25
ABV: 4%
Late hop: Cascade (US/UK/NZ/German)

Back on March 8th, Anaheim Brewer Barbara Gerovac was joined by Carolyn Bryant and Caitlyn Beas to brew a batch of Unite Pale Ale.  Carolyn and Caitlyn both bid on the chance to brew the beer, with the proceeds going to the Family Justice Center.

We turn our attention to the Mash Tun.

We turn our attention to the Mash Tun.

We looked at Sophie’s recipe and decided to make a Belgian-style pale ale, using coriander as the whirlpool “hop.”

The results are delicious.

Put on your pink boots and join us in the Beer Garden on Wednesday!

Doors open at 5 pm.

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Anaheim Dark Scotch Ale is Back and Darker Than Ever!

Tapping on Thursday, January 16th.  Come in and drink with the label artist, our friend, Chris Maya!

Awa’ wi black brandy, red rum and blue whisky
An’ bring me the liquor brown as a nutt;
O! Alloa Ale ye can make a chiel frisky,
Brisk, faewming a’ fresh frae the bottle or butt.
An awa’ wi your wines – they are dull as moss water,
Wi’ blude colour’d blushes, or purple, or pale;
Guid folks gif ye wish to get fairer and fatter,
They aye weet your seasans w’ Alloa Ale!

The good Scotsman John Imlah wrote that in 1827, as an advertisement for the ale brewed in the tiny rural town of Alloa in the Central Lowlands of Scotland.

We won’t be tempted to write a poem for you, but we are very excited to announce the return of Anaheim Dark Scotch Ale, on draft in the Tasting Room and available for the first time in 12-ounce bottles.

Bit o’ History

Traditionally, Scotch ales were named according to the pre-tax price of a British barrel (about 43.2 US gallons). The stronger the brew, the higher the price, from 60-shilling “Two-penny” ale, to the big 160-shilling Wee Heavy (called a “Wee Dump” in Scotland). With its strength (original gravity, to brewers) between 10 and 13.75 degrees Plato, Anaheim Dark Scotch Ale would have been an 80-shilling, or “Export” ale.

Like traditional Scottish breweries, which relied on the cooler weather of Scotland to slow down the fermentation process, we keep our fermentation temperatures low and remove the yeast early, leaving more residual sugar to enhance the full body and sweet malty flavor.

Our Beer and Label

Anaheim Dark Scotch Ale is a traditional top-fermented beer. Roasted barley provides the rich, dark color, while generous levels of unfermentable sugars give it a full body and deep, malty flavor.

Our 12-ounce bottles features label art by local artist Chris Maya. (Chris is also behind the artwork on our Anaheim Gold, Red, Hefeweizen and 1888 labels.) The design features a Craftsman cottage like many of the beautiful homes in the brewery’s neighborhood. We think it has a distinctively “cabin-in-the woods” feel, and reminds us that Anaheim Dark Scotch Ale is a perfect beverage for enjoying in the cool of an evening.

Join Us

This Thursday evening, regardless of temperature, we’ll tap the Dark Scotch Ale in the Tasting Room. Chris May will be on hand from 5:30 to 6:30, and we’ll be hanging out, too.

Greg & Barbara

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